Titanous Tejas Trade

In an epic trade, the likes of which the Tejas Club has never seen, 2-3 prospects, beer, grooming utensils and possibly a future ‘Mrs.’ changed hands.

Nick Labio, former rights holder to hot prospect Cullen Peck, and Kyle Woodcraftsman ran the “peck-and-roll” Monday night at 26th and Rio Grande. Labio, the ever fiscal conservative, is said to always be looking to optimize his assets (and mealplan). By sheer numbers, the savvy businessman gained quite a bit.

“I got a sixer of Corona, and that’s enough for both Clayton and I to get drunk…twice,” said Labio.

In addition to an undisclosed amount of Corona, Labio also received the rights to once blazing hot prospect Tyger Tillerson.

Tillerson, son of Hexxon Mobil CEO Hex Tillerson, has been said to be one of the largest losses to elude the club. Along with his ability to pay dues or afford a sonic ice machine, Tillerson also offers a certain “undingability” as described by Labio.

Also included were a prospect to be named at a later date and a neck-beard trimmer proportedly [sic] strong enough for Kyle Orton.

Along with the rights to Peck, Woodcraftsman is still in the negotiating stages of a supplemental deal including a night with Kelsey Buhots.


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