Jim Barth Honored for Working Like a Dog

Jim Arth

Two of Jim’s Friends…Clearly Platonic…

James Leslie Barth was honored Saturday with the prestigious Jackson Hinds award for selfless dedication and service to the Tejas Club as merited by the Tejas Foundation. The luncheon was fittingly held at  the Tejas Restaurant in the AT&T Conference center after it was learned that Oil Can Harry’s was booked.

“Jim,” as he’s known to his friends, has serviced the club in many  capacities, everything from responding to fire alarms going off at 3 in the morning, helping Braves get off after actions which may be deemed criminal, and rearing many members of the club as if they were his  own flesh.

“Jim really embodies Tejas, said Government Junior Ryan Martinez. “His body…of work is quite impressive. I’m glad, as a club, we’re in his big, strong hands.”

Many gave testament to Jim’s impressive character. Recounted were Jim’s oral skills, with the ability to work you up when you were feeling down. Many also focused on the memories, jokes, and good times that were to be had with Jim.

“He’s the prefect combination of jolly and gay, intertwined with a sardonic sense of hating the world,” said Arnell Davis, a fellow hater of life.

Tejas Alum Robert Ray really sprayed the essence of Jim on the crowd when he recounted Jim’s Saint Nick-esque practice of giving out pounds and pounds of fudge for the Christmas season.

“He packs it himself,” said Tim Gunn, an employee of Jim’s law firm, who may or may not have aided him in the packing of said holiday fudge.


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